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Expand Economic Opportunity; Create Sustainable, Quality Jobs

“I will pursue economic development with a purpose, bringing industries and businesses that support and create middle class jobs. Sussex County will attract jobs that grant individuals the ability to purchase homes and start families; families that will prosper here in Sussex County for generations to come.” 




– Working with partners such as Bayhealth Medical Center, Mayor Shupe has been instrumental in creating an environment where economic opportunity is vibrant and growing. Working alongside the City of Milford, Bayhealth is constructing a new $300 million health campus that has already attracted additional health care industry investments including a pediatric and senior care center from Nemours. Breaking ground in May 2016 the Bayhealth Health Campus is expected to be open in 2019.

– Nationwide Health Services plans to transform the current 22-acre hospital site and surrounding buildings into an innovative multi-use healthcare-focused community. Early estimates reveal the redevelopment project could result in capital investments of more than $20 million, the creation of more than 300 full-time jobs, as well as hundreds of temporary construction jobs as the facility buildings are repurposed. The redevelopment is also projected to be a catalyst for additional economic development.

– A member of the Greater Kent Committee, Shupe is an advocate and supporter of DE Turf, an innovative sports complex that is currently under construction. The 84-acre, state-of-the-art facility, conceived as an economic driver for the state, is the home to ten synthetic turf and two natural grass fields for sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and ultimate Frisbee. Through commitments by state and local partners, construction will employ 180 people, and more than 2,000 jobs will be available during camp and tournament seasons – equivalent to 210 full-time, continuing jobs for the area.


Repair Infrastructure, Prepare for Growth

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– The City of Milford continues to repair aging infrastructure while preparing for growth in all areas of the city. The Water and Waste Water Departments have had a busy year as several large projects are underway. Recently completed projects include the Washington Street Sewage Pump Station Rehabilitation Project, Southeast Milford Phase 2 Water Main Extension Project, SE Front Street Water, Sewer and Street Rehabilitation Project, Shawnee Acres Forcemain Upgrade and Well 11R Replacement. During 2016 the crews expect the South East Milford Well and Water Treatment Facility, South East Milford Elevated Storage Tank Project, Washington Street Water Treatment Plant and Washington Street Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation to be completed.

–  A member of the City of Milford Public Works Committee, Shupe alongside City Manager Richard Carmean and CFO Jeff Portman constructed an infrastructure plan that took advantage of a $2 million in grants from USDA. The grants, combined with the voter-approved $1.6 million loan and another $400,000 transferred from sewer reserves, has allowed the City to make $4 million in sewer improvements, without the need to raise taxes or utility fees. These projects include Fisher Avenue Pump Station Rehabilitation, North Street Pump Station Rehabilitation, Shawnee Acres Pump Station Replacement, inflow and infiltration improvements project and system wide SCADA improvements.

– In addition to focusing on physical components, the City of Milford is developing a citywide GIS system and has begun the development of parcel and infrastructure databases to be used in the city planning decision making processes. The implementation of a utility ‘smart grid’ will allow the City to monitor, in realtime, public utilities services to businesses and residents and be proactive in preventive maintenance and management.



Strengthen Downtown through Public, Private Investment



“I will be an active ambassador for Sussex County, promoting strong downtowns that can act as a catalyst for both economic growth and a sense of fellowship throughout our cities.”

– The City of Milford and the Delaware Economic Development Office invested in downtown Milford through the creation and implementation of the Rivertown Rebirth Plan that aims to revitalize downtown Milford through growing existing and new businesses and enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors. This plan is the foundation for the Downtown Development District (DDD) designtation which the City of Milford was awarded from the State of Delaware in August 2016.

– Through the DDD, over $3,700,000 has been privately invested in downtown Milford since September 2016. Under this plan, the State of Delaware offers private investors up to 20% of hard costs through grants as the City of Milford offers additional support including impact fee wavers and tax incentives.

– Shupe has invested in organizations that support and encourage economic growth including Downtown Milford Inc. (DMI) and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford (CCGM). He was a guest speaker and represented Downtown Milford Inc. at the National Main Streets Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2015. Shupe was awarded the Economic Development Spirit Award by the Kent County Economic Partnership in 2016.


Develop Future Leaders

“I will encourage entrepreneurial spirit and growth in all aspects of life including commerce, culture and community. Sussex County will become a place where our leaders seek out opportunities and advancement here at home instead of moving away to other cities to start their careers and families.”


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– A member of the Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service, Shupe created the Hungry to Help event at Milford High School where statewide and local non-profit organizations had the opportunity to reach local families. Students had the ability to learn more about the impact of local non-profits and volunteering and sign up with organizations to enhance their commitment to serving their community.

– The past President of the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors, Shupe led his team as they assisted Director Tod Van Eyken in establishing an organization that supports the growth of future leaders in Delaware. He currently remains a member of the Milford Board of Directors and is a member of the Delaware Boys & Girls Club Board of Trustees. Programs at the Club are geared toward helping kids develop into productive, responsible, and caring citizens and changing the lives of not only the children who attend every day but also their families and the community at large.