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Mar 31, 2014 No Comments ›› Bryan Shupe

Statewide and local officials celebrating the grand opening of Milford Massage, Wellness and Yoga on NW Front Street.

1. Grow Small Business –

– In addition to being a small business owner himself, Shupe has built a strong relationship with with the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) supporting and participating in DEDO small business incentives including the Rural Business Accelerator and Project Pop Up, helping existing businesses become more proficient in running their businesses and constructing a strong foothold for new businesses.

– Shupe has invested in organizations that support and encourage economic growth including Downtown Milford Inc. (DMI) and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford (CCGM). He was a guest speaker and represented DMI at the National Main Street Conference in New Orleans Louisiana in 2012. In 2012 Shupe was named Citizen of the Year by CCGM and New Member of the Year for his business Milford LIVE in 2011.

– As Mayor, Shupe will continue to actively participate in growing small business in the town of Milford. He will work with business owners and business organizations to establish and support local initiatives for small business incubators, business sustainability and business succession plans.

2. Expand Middle Class Job Market –

– Councilman Shupe approved the continuance of utility incentives for new commercial construction in the city as part of a larger economic development plan. New commercial construction will qualify for the impact fee incentives as the waiver is based on the number of new jobs that will be created.

– Councilman Shupe has represented the City of Milford as an advocate for job creation, including the support for the expanding Bayhealth Medical Center in their efforts to construct a full-service community hospital in Milford, which will create additional jobs in the medical field.

– As Mayor, Shupe will continue to build strong relationships with large employers and proactive pursue companies in the healthcare, technology, agriculture and education industries that create middle class jobs.


3. Plan Growth and Dependable Infrastructure –

– Councilman Shupe approved improvements to the Shawnee Acres Waste Water Pumping Station, which is currently almost at capacity. This will ensure that current city residents retain their quantity and quality of water as the city continues to grow, and support future growth in the region.

– Councilman Shupe approved improvements to the City’s infrastructure system including critical valve testing and replacement throughout the city, ensuring the dependability of the City’s water system.

– As Mayor, Shupe will continue his commitment to improve aging infrastructure in the city of Milford and support efforts to continue the City’s commitment to serve its current residents while preparing for growth with strategic planning for future infrastructure needs.

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