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Apr 1, 2018 Comments Off on Shupe Kicks Off House Campaign Bryan Shupe


On Wednesday, March 28, Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe officially kicked off his campaign for the 36th Representative District. Shupe is vying for the seat vacated by Representative Harvey Kenton. More than 200 people attended the kick-off celebration which was held at Carlisle Fire Company in Milford.

“I am going to take a liberty for a minute,” Pastor Andy Stevens of the Milford Church of God, who emceed the event, said. “I got to meet Bryan years ago before he started Milford Live. He came to my office and shared with me how much he cared about the State of Delaware, how much he cared about his home city of Milford and how he went to school and wanted to come back and invest in our community. He is such a forward-thinking man and I am proud to have him as my Mayor and now to have him as my Representative.”

Shupe was born and raised in Milford, DE by William and Sheridan Shupe. After graduating form Milford High School, Bryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware. For the next several years he worked in Wilmington for a statewide political party and several statewide and local campaigns across the state. During this time Bryan discovered his passion for public service and community. The passion to improve the quality of life in Milford drove Bryan to start his own business in his hometown and create the city’s first hyperlocal community driven media outlet, called Milford Live. Shortly after, he met his wife Sherry Shaffer and together they opened a second business in downtown Milford called Fur-Baby Boutique & Doggie Daycare. Together they shared a commitment and desire to serve their community.

Statewide, Shupe serves as the President of the Sussex County Association of Towns, member of the Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service and the Kent Economic Partnership. Locally, Shupe serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and volunteers and supports several local organizations including Downtown Milford Inc., Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and the Milford School District. He  served on the Milford City Council representing Ward I and as a member of the Economic Development, Infrastructure and Public Works Committees and is currently a member of the City of Milford Economic Development, Police & Public Safety, Finance and Public Works Committees as Mayor. Shupe was voted by the people of Milford, DE to represent them as their Mayor on Saturday, April 26, 2014 with over 65% of the total vote count. He was sworn into office on Monday May 5, 2014 and is currently serving his second two-year term as Mayor of Milford, after running unopposed in 2016.

Shupe has been instrumental in driving successful economic development efforts in Sussex County including the creation of the new $315 million Bayhealth Sussex Campus, expansion of Nemours Pediatric hospital in Southern Delaware and the efforts of Nationwide Health Services to rehabilitate the current Bathealth hospital on Clark Avenue in downtown Milford. Shupe will continue to be an advocate for increased access to specialized healthcare and education opportunities, more public transportation and the rehabilitation of infrastructure in Sussex County.


“I am just so happy that Bryan has stepped up to the plate,” Senator Gary Simpson said. “He’s doing a great job as the Mayor of Milford as I’m sure everyone here would agree. There must be 200 people in attendance tonight and that is a tremendous amount of support. Not only do I see Republican support, but I see more than a few Democrats in the audience as well. I’ve always said that I could never be elected to the Senate without Democratic support. I know that, together, Republican and Democrat, we can support this young man for what he is planning to do in the future.”


Sara Pletcher, President of Downtown Milford, Inc., also spoke of Shupe’s vision that has led not only to the growth of the downtown area, but for Milford as a whole.

“As Mayor of Milford, Bryan’s focus for downtown was brought to life with the Milford Rebirth Plan in 2015,” Pletcher said. “To this day, it shapes the direction in which the City, DMI, business owners and downtown non-profits forge ahead. It will continue to shape Milford long after Bryan has left office. Bryan’s vision, of course, expanded beyond the interior walls of this city. I am not going to list all the great successes he has produced, but in four years, Bryan has had a powerful impact. The new Bayhealth Hospital, Nemours, Nationwide, the new Route 14 crossover, which broke ground on Monday, a proposed interloop transportation system, the Airport Road revamp and our increased police patrols. These are all pertinent to Milford’s future. With a resume like that, I have no doubt that Bryan will be successful as a state representative for the 36th district.”

Pletcher commented that her mantra has always been that Milford is a great place to live, work and play, but if Shupe is elected, she may have to change it, stating that if anyone can make the 36th District the best place in the state, it would be Shupe.

David Sauls, a retired veteran and community activist, also spoke in support of Shupe’s candidacy.

“He always says “what do you need,” Sauls said. “He is always wanting to help this community. He asks, “What are your thoughts, David?” It’s not like he is trying to get something out of me, but that he wants to help. I am part of the NAACP in Milford. Kids coming out to events and Bryan speaks to them, takes photos with them. You don’t see that too often, but Bryan does that. I’m so happy he’s running. I hope people see that he will make a great representative.”

Representative Harvey Kenton, whose seat Shupe will take should he win in November, remembered that when he asked him for help on his campaign in 2010, Shupe went out of his way to help, placing signs, knocking on doors and raising money for the campaign.

“He was very instrumental in my campaign,” Representative Kenton said. “I know with all your accomplishments as the Mayor of Milford, I’m confident and why I am hanging my hat on you. I’m proud of what you and Sherry have done in this community and I know you will take leadership to Dover and continue. You will make me proud and the people of Milford proud. I cannot wait for your election in November and then January to see you sworn in.”

Shupe, with his wife by his side, told the crowd that he was very humbled, not only for the support shown at the event, but for the support he and his family has received as business owners, as Mayor and especially after they became parents.

“As the Mayor of Milford, I have enjoyed working beside all of you,” Shupe said. “We’ve grown the economy and created jobs. We’ve repaired our aging infrastructure and we’ve planned for smart growth in Milford. We’ve taken opportunities to raise the quality of life here in Sussex County as well. We did all of this with your help. At the same time, we did this by easing the burden on our residents. We were able to balance budgets with no tax increases. We were able to lower electric rates and provide superior services. And all this was because we had your support. Because you were behind us and led the way. I am committed to serving all of you in Dover and hope to be the voice for residents in Milford, Milton, Lincoln, Ellendale, Slaughter Beach and Prime Hook. As we continue to grow in this state, Sussex County will become a pivotal player in Delaware and I will be an active ambassador to be sure that we drive the future of the state of Delaware together.”


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